Where are you “GO”-ing?

This week I get the opportunity to share a message from Matthew 28 to a youth group full of high schoolers and middle schoolers who are, like many students their age, trying to understand difficult areas of life and faith. One of those aspects is sharing faith with friends. I am excited because I’m not simply going to give them the “answers” or the best methods. I am going to encourage them to try being Christ-like examples in the way they talk, act, and think towards others. I get to share an important part of God’s story, Jesus’ great commission, as well as share how God has impacted my story with “GO”-ing and can impact their story as they are “GO”-ing as well.

Now at this point you might ask, “Where are you going Andrew?” Well I have written this blog to inform you! Currently I am raising support to begin ministering to students in inner Northeast Portland with Youth For Christ. I am so excited for this opportunity. Here is a video to explain part of what I’m doing:

My goal so that I can begin ministering to students in this area could be met if 117 people gave a tax-deductible gift of $30 per month (or you could support me with a group of people in your neighborhood or church).

You see, we all have a responsibility to “GO” for Christ- into our workplaces, schools, and really any interaction with another human being made in the image of God. Nobody is perfect at this, but if you choose to partner with me I hope that we can build a relationship of prayer and encouragement together and in our communities to lift Jesus up higher! If you are interested in this opportunity please contact me at akruse@yfcpdx.org so that I can get you on my prayer and support team list. Thank you so much!


Let me know what you think!

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