My Response to Recent Events #Ferguson #ericgarner #BlackLives Matter

Yesterday on my Facebook page I shared this status:

Have you ever read MLK’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail? I read in his own words a call and rebuke of white Christian people/pastors who agree the injustice is wrong and do nothing, or worse- they deny injustice has happened. In 40 years from now I don’t want to be remembered for inaction when solidarity, reconciliation, and systemic change were needed. Please join me in praying for how to sensitively and redemptively think, speak, and act in these pivotal moments that our nation needs to deal with. ‪#‎wearepreciousinhissight‬‪ #‎blacklivesmatter‬ ‪#‎reconciliation‬‪ #‎justicematters‬

I truly believe that the gospel has relevance and power when we as the body of Christ unite together to impact the world for Christ through how we treat and allow treatment of others. We have to stop using the vocabulary of “those people there”…we are they, they are us- all human, all made in God’s image, and all precious to the Lord.

There is something wrong with our justice system when it does not function the way it should, when people with power and influence practice it inappropriately, and when people with power and influence choose not to exercise any voice and action to possibly bring about changes. I have never experienced the realities that many African-American peers and neighbors have, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. I have sat and listened to African-Americans as they share the fears and frustrations they have felt and experienced. I want to keep lifting up our African-American brothers and sisters in Christ and learn how to be a part of a constructive process to bring systemic change, while impacting hearts with the love, grace, truth, and reconciling power that Jesus Christ has given us a ministry of.

Jesus cares about every life and the impact of injustice in our nation and in the world. I am thankful that he asks us to embody his desires for justice and redemptive solutions now as much as possible and  that he promises perfection as part of his future kingdom he will bring on earth. Live in the tension, embrace the other, and bring the hope you have found in Christ to life through your words and actions.

(One big side note: if you haven’t read “Letter From Birmingham Jail” here is a link where you can read it…


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