Book Review: The Son Who Chases The Father

My good friend, Joshua Zarzana, just published his first book entitled, “The Son Who Chases the Father.” Let me begin by telling you what I love about this book. I’ll choose three points because there are so many things that I could say about the content and character behind this book.

First, I love how honest Josh is in this book about himself, his family, and his continuing need for being a son who chases after his heavenly Father. He makes it clear that his story doesn’t end with all smiles and happiness, but that it ends with more hope and more joy than it began with. The bad and good examples of his Father and men around him have done a lot to shape his spiritual, relational, and emotional development as a man. Josh’s desire throughout the book is to motivate men to become the child of God that we are called to be and an example to younger men to follow after God. He doesn’t take the role of expert on these issues, rather he takes the role as a fellow traveler and pastoral messenger.

Second, he combines the topics of value/faith development, family systems, and biblical wisdom to develop theological principles such as God’s love, confessing our sins, and the changing power of grace through narrative. The writer’s craft that Josh uses to weave and connect with the audience to reflect on their own life is inspiring, thought-provoking, and well done. I finished every chapter excited for the next one. The challenge at the end of the book to chase after God purposefully and to be a positive influence for the faith development of others was good. He writes, “So this is where my book ends, and where you choose how the rest of your book will go. I hope that both of our final chapters of life will end up in the same place, in the Father’s loving embrace.”

Third, is the timeliness of this book. I believe that challenging cultural mores and norms about what definitions of “family” are is an important topic. Families without a mother or a father is not what God desires for children. He wants whole families. Issues like divorce, fatherlessness, and family stability are all things that pastors and Christian leaders need to be passionate about giving a gracious and biblical response to. If you go to the website for the book ( you can click on devotions, leave comments, and watch videos.

I really think that every man and Christian leader should read this book to ignite more of a passion for being transformed by Christ and sharing life together to see others grow in the grace and truth of the gospel!


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