Why I love my Church

28-DSC_5994This last weekend I was at a wedding of one of my really good friends. It was so great to see how God has used this couple’s passion for the Lord and his bride, the church, to launch them into a lifetime of being united and committed in marriage. One thing that was said during a toast at the reception is that my friend Ben shows a clear love for the church, even in a time when it is trendy, perhaps even cool to dis the church.  It made me realize that sometimes I might come off as awfully critical of the church and other Christians when my primary job should be to love it. From now on I want to work harder at having a motivation of love and desire for spiritual maturity of myself and others when or if I do criticize the church. So I decided to dedicate this post to share with others what I love about my church: Glenfair Church.

1. People are genuinely loving and care for others:

even if its a persons first time you can’t come away without being greeted and given a smile. The people at my church want to invite people to come gather to grow and scatter to show with Christ being the focus.

2. People’s lives are being changed by Jesus:

it is obvious to me that many people and families are being changed by the message and love of Jesus in their lives. I look on the stage and see the worship team leading us to Jesus and being humble. Our lead pastor, Kevin, is dedicated to sharing God’s word, what it means for our lives, and counseling many people throughout the week. When peoples lives are being changed by Jesus it can be difficult, but it is so beautiful to see the “new creations” (2 Cor. 5:18) that God is making us all to be together in Christ.

3. The neighborhood is invited:

each Sunday and Wednesday it is so exciting to see that our neighbors are coming to church. Whether its to bring their kids to our Sunday or Wednesday program, get into a Bible study, or eat with us at a community dinner once a month. I think that we have tried really hard, from what I’ve seen in my one year here, to make people feel welcome and invited whenever the doors are open. We also have a community garden that has been fun to plant in and try to get to know people who are working in it.

4. There are dedicated people who lead by example:

some of the older men and women who volunteer their time, resources, and energy to the people and the church building are so inspiring. Their generosity and skills are needed so much because I know that costs and upkeep can be spendy in this economy. I pray that God would help younger adults (like me) to see and practice their example in order to be the type of “living sacrifice” (Rom. 12:1-2) that is informed and activated by God’s word.

5. Kids are being connected to God’s word and real relationships:

I might be a little biased as the children’s pastor, but I really have seen changes in the words, attitudes, and actions of many of the kids that we serve every week. Kids have learned Bible stories, but they have also learned that life is really all about doing God’s business- loving God, loving others, and loving themselves in the right way (explained as having a right perspective of who they are to God). I pray that God would use each of the ministry leaders and I to see kid’s lives and families changed by the Gospel.

While this isn’t a huge list, it is the start of thankfulness and humility on my part to remember and be comforted by the church that Christ is making us to be. I am so thankful for the Glenfair Church family and how they have encouraged and supported me over this last year of big transitions and changes. I know that will be the case as long as the Lord calls me here.

What do you love about your church?


Let me know what you think!

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