Humbled to Speak

10672067_1471764973108129_5918075777899146963_nIf you have known me for any length of time you would know that I am not a shy person. In fact, I am very willing to share my thoughts if I have an actual thought about an issue (not just make up an opinion so that I can talk). This last Sunday I was given the honor to deliver a message to the Zomi Community Mission Church that meets after the regular service we have at Glenfair Church. Pastor Muana Khuptong invited me to share God’s word with his congregation. I chose to speak from John 5, the story of Jesus healing the lame man. The main point that I was trying to deliver through that passage is that Jesus comes to meet us where we’re at to bring grace and healing, as well as truth and conviction in our lives. This experience was very humbling for me. The need for translation and breaking down concepts for communicating God’s word made delivering the sermon challenging. It caused me to think about how reading and handling God’s word is something special that should be done in community and with great care. It also made me think that sometimes I can make the Bible and its concepts very complicated. I know this experience has given me more of a desire to refine and share God’s word in a way that elevates the glory of God and his word, retain theological and biblical accuracy, and communicate more clearly. Will you pray that God would help me grow in this area?

What are ways that you have found teaching the Bible difficult?

What are tools or methods that help you know whether you are communicating clearly or not?

Let me know what you think!

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