Learning lots!

Hey everyone I know it’s been a super long time (in blogosphere time) since I’ve posted anything. “Why’s that?” you might ask….well simply put- busy summer programs at church, in my community, and trying to rest when possible.


Over the summer I was involved in working with youth and kids in Portland through the Summer Lunch Program and WordUp. It was awesome to experience all of the relationships, people’s stories, and activities that we got to do together. At the elementary school I work at I taught 1st and 2nd graders art, community building, sports, and showed them cool jobs they could do when they grow up. At the church I was able to do weekly relationship building and Bible-storytelling. We also had some great game and water nights because of how hot it was. Two weeks ago was Weird Animals VBS. I was really stressed out about it at first even though we had it planned out, but God was totally faithful. He provided 65 kids for us to share the message of Jesus’ one-of-a-kind love! It was such a praise!

I’m looking forward to the fall. With the church growing and God bringing so many blessings into my life through friends and family I am overwhelmed.

A few prayer requests that I have from you are that 1) the message of Jesus’ one-of-a-kind love that kids heard at VBS would stick in their hearts, 2) an increase in the families, kids, and servant leaders at Glenfair Church, 3) that more trust, partnerships, and relationships would be built in our church and community, and 4) that God would continue to grow my love for him and his church and my leadership skills.

Leave some comments and let me know how your summer was!


Let me know what you think!

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