Worship as Discipleship

2013-12-15 11.32.38Every odd numbered Sunday of the month I have the privilege of playing a few songs on my guitar during the regular worship service, which also means I have the responsibility of worship practice on those Sunday mornings. If you came to a regular worship service at my church you might not be impressed by the type of worship that you hear, but I do believe that you would feel the love of God’s Spirit and see the joy of the Lord on the faces of all the people who participate on the worship teams we have. It has been an honor seeing how God is using so many people who would seem so unlikely to be seen singing and playing praise songs to God. I guess that is why it’s such a grace-filled experience to me to see how our worship leader, Lisa, takes time to prayerfully choose songs, care for others on and off the stage, and be a vessel of God’s love to our whole congregation. The discipleship opportunities that she takes during practice are so encouraging and honoring to God and others. I never thought about how I could be discipled through a worship practice before! I know that because of the humility and love of so many that we will continue to see people come to Jesus and worship the one true God!

These were just a few thoughts that occurred to me this morning. I know that when we worship God in Heaven it will be way more awesome than any sound system or multi-media production we could do, but I know that those same people who sing love songs to God and do his will are going to continue to do so for eternity. If you think about it this next week, why don’t you send your worship leader(s) an encouraging message and lovingly tell them what their service to God means to you!

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