God’s word doesn’t return empty…and other lessons I’ve learned in my first 8 months of Children’s Ministry Part 2

Here is the second part of my reflections about what I’ve learned in the last few months at Glenfair Church. I truly have enjoyed every moment and person that God has allowed me the ability to connect and serve with.

  • Be involved in the community that you serve in.
I think one of the most intentional and God-honoring things that I have done with my time in my role as a Children’s Pastor is invest into different parts of the community such as the local school and community center. I also live very close to the church and it helps me to feel more apart of this community than I could if I lived farther away. I am so blessed by all of the relationships God has given me with neighbors and community members that I have met inside and outside of my work at church. I am also a part of the community garden we have at the church. I may not be the best gardener, but I have enjoyed meeting with the people  and trying to learn a new skill.
  • Love God, Love others, and Love yourself (have a right perspective of who you are in God’s eyes).
IMG_4733You may recognize this as part of Jesus’ command in the gospels as a very simple task to do as a Christian. We learned about this more in depth through J12 curriculum. The kids and I loved it! I have been challenged by teaching it and listening to it being taught week in and week out for the last few months. It is challenging to know that if we want to be about God’s business we must have a relationship status of friendship with God to where we are living a lifestyle of worship and trust in him. Second, it is challenging to love others and die to our own desires, tiredness, and weaknesses in order to live in the strength of God’s Spirit to work towards the good of others- even (and especially when) they don’t thank or acknowledge you. Resting in the goodness of God to help that all work is vital. Lastly for this section, having a right perspective of who you are in God’s eyes is very important. Often, I am my own worst critic- so I must constantly be reminded by Scripture and fellowship with others that “You are God’s masterpiece” (Eph. 2:10) and that every perfect gift (and trial) is from God for our own benefit and spiritual growth (James 1). I am so thankful for my family, friends, and mentors who encourage me.
  • When you think you’re listening…try harder.
One of my goals as I continue in ministry is to become a better active listener and I know that I have room to improve here. I am thankful for being challenged by my co-leaders about this area and have been honestly trying to figure out how to do this better. I am still growing in many different areas but I know that listening to others better is definitely vital for the growth of the kids, continued leadership with others, and how I interact with others. If you could pray for me that God would continue to work in this area of my life I would truly appreciate it!
  • Help kids build relationships with each other and adults that are a part of your church.
One of my favorite things that I have seen at Glenfair is the aspect of multi-generational worship and community gatherings. Kids need to know adults in the congregation in order to see how we are all connected together as part of God’s community. We have the ability to act as a family for those kids whose biological families don’t invest as much as they could, and to be a role model of biblical values to the younger generation. I have also witnessed older adults whose generosity, prayer lives, and compassion has truly been a joy to experience. I hope that someday I have as much joy about my role in the church as I see at Glenfair. It is so great to know each person really cares for each other.
In all, I have been truly blessed and look forward to continue sharing insights that God teaches me on my journey into ministering his hope and message of reconciliation. I hope you enjoyed these short reflection points. I covet your prayers and encouragement when you have the time to send it my way!

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