Here’s a way to help end trafficking!

My friend Jordan is going to India in about two weeks. I’m going to share a letter and a link to give you the opportunity to support him on going to India to help educate and give a creative solution to help end human trafficking. Please pray for him as well. You can go to his website by checking out my Blogroll on the right side of this page and clicking on “The Sound Movement.” Here is the link to help fund his trip:

Hey dudes, 

I’m really excited to head to India in March with a company I helped create, The Sound Movement. The vision behind the brand is to raise Sound individuals and encourage them to withhold from using women for selfish, momentary gain. We believe human trafficking starts with a demand. If we can eliminate the demand, there will be no supply.
Unfortunately, it is apart of their culture, but we are hoping to make a change. We will do this through skateboarding, music & art. Our first step is a skatepark in New Delhi, India. The past two times I’ve been to India I have helped build and fund a skate park. It is now fully operational and through one on one conversation and authentic friendships, we are hoping to get these young men to think differently.
Our team is headed back in March in conjunction with Christian Skaters International Ministry to further this movement. Please consider helping me lead this team and make steps towards real change. We will be revamping the skatepark, doing skate demos & producing a short film while we are there.
Your donation would mean the world.
I appreciate your time!
-Jordan Lovelis

Let me know what you think!

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