What Would Jesus Blog?

Over the past few weeks I have been overthinking and overanalyzing a lot of different things about life. I guess that’s a part of being in the last phase of my education, beginning life in a new apartment, learning new things about ministry, and trying to be more intentional about face-to-face relationships. In this I have also seen how much time I could invest better without the self-prescribed pressure to find time and topics to write regularly about on my blog.

Therefore, I have found it appropriate that until I have a few assignments for school accomplished, time and topics that could be received as encouraging and interesting to my readers, and more time to personally process God’s work in my life and ministry that I would like to discontinue the vigor that I have tried putting into forcing posts to come together and just wait on God for a renewed energy and passion into my writing. I appreciate your prayers for renewed energy on a daily basis so that I can come to a closer relationship with Jesus and the people he has generously put in my life.

Jesus left it to others to share his words. He didn’t pen anything that we find in the Bible. I want to stop trying to share so many words and instead explore and enjoy the lessons that God has set for me without always needing a medium (the blog) to share this through. I don’t want you to discontinue sharing things that I have written, just don’t expect anything new for a little while. I’ll still be using my Twitter account so it’s not like I’m abandoning the internet altogether. I know that when I do get back on and share a post that it will be because God has given me the joy to share it.

Until next time, go in the grace and peace of Jesus!


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