Purple Jesus

In preparation for my proposed project on how our perception of Jesus’ racial identity, and especially the Western misconception of Jesus as a Caucasian, could effect the biblical values that we have, how we communicate the gospel, and the way we treat others I had a few conversations with different people I interact with. One woman I shared the idea with said, “As long as you believe in what Jesus stands for, it doesn’t bother me what you think his skin color is.” Another said, “I’m not even sure Jesus really existed as a person. If he did we shouldn’t make such a big deal about it. If he didn’t even exist then what does it matter if he’s black, white, or even purple!”

Obviously, these were answers that might not generally be found within typical Christian circles, but I figure that since I live and work in a typically non-Christian city and culture that I shouldn’t be too shocked. What I am hoping to learn from this paper, if it is approved, is how to recognize my own cultural assumptions when I share the gospel with my neighbors who are racially and ethnically diverse. Please be praying for me to be able to apply to what I learn about church history, ministry skills, and my own spiritual formation as I encounter these topics. I’ll definitely keep you all in the loop!


Let me know what you think!

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