This post is to finish my series on rest, waiting, ministering, and rejoicing as a rhythm of spiritual formation and regular life with God and others. I started this series almost a month ago, but it’s been busy with Christmas, New Years, and the beginning of my last semester at Multnomah.

Actually, I have had many things to rejoice over in the last few weeks. God is continuing to bless the ministry at Glenfair, I got a new apartment on my own, and I started dating one of my friends, Rachel. I can think of many other small things that I have rejoiced about what God is doing in my life.

What I think gets overlooked in our rejoicing is that we spend a lot of time doing it when things are making us feel good, not necessarily as a part of our regular living and especially not when it’s too hard (or I don’t “feel” like it). My challenge to you is to think about how you can choose in the regular rhythm of your week to rejoice over things (even small things) that God is doing and really relish that moment in order to receive God’s grace and strength to move you through whatever season your life is in right now.  Since the cycle of rest, waiting, ministering, and rejoicing is something that can happen over days, weeks, and months we must be intentional about sharing these times with people who we are in spiritual accountability and discipleship with. One way I am reminded of my praises is to take one day a month to look back at what I wrote the previous month that were my prayer concerns. I’ve noticed that over the last three months of doing this that I have been constantly reminded of how God has worked in big and small ways.

I pray you will look back at these previous posts and consider your own rhythm of spiritual formation. How will you rejoice over what God is doing in your life?

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