Rhythms of grace in Ministry

Ministry is putting our hands together in love and community!

Ministry is putting our hands together in love and community!

When we rest and wait on God we are in the process of movement with God’s Spirit to bring overall wellness, clarity, and joy into our lives that is based on God’s word and the person of Jesus Christ. The step that I will be discussing in this post is ministry to others.

Ministry is not a program or organization, it is a lifestyle. Ministry is for the benefit and self-sacrifice of others. This means that ministry is not always easy, doesn’t always feel good to the person doing it, and requires a motivation deeper than wanting to “do good things.” We must pour prayer over our activities and motivations to keep in step with God’s will and word for our life.

Ministry is shaped by the Trinitarian nature of the communal reality of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in relationship to the missio dei completed by the church, God’s new humanity, as portrayed in Heilsgeschichte (salvation history) through creation (Gen. 1), fall (Gen. 3), redemption (Rom. 5), and consummation (Rev. 21). Ministry must flow out of our faith in God, hope we have in Christ, and love through the Spirit to bless the nations and restore relationship with God under his covenant community of the church. We do this by authority God places in our lives, in relationship together, creatively, holistically, obediently, and in accountability towards God and others for his gospel.

Rhythm of Grace Part 1: Rest

Rhythm of Grace Part 2: Wait


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