The second step that comes after resting is a period of waiting. It begins once you have communicated your praise, thoughts, considerations, needs, and downfalls to the Lord. Waiting requires a few different ingredients: patience, silence, listening, and calming your senses to focus on the presence of God.

It is very similar to principles of “Practicing the Presence of God” (by Brother Lawrence) in that you are expecting to be reminded and renewed because you live in the tension and expectation of God’s presence that you have to continue recognizing as present in every part and moment of your life. One of my professors, Dr. Valerie Clemen said, “practicing the presence is an invitation to see and experience every moment as a gift of God. It is to live alive to union with the Trinity.”

The waiting period’s purpose is to help us draw near and perceive God’s direction and be renewed by his Spirit for the work of ministry. Any direction that we feel lead towards must be checked against Scripture, brought into discussion with mentors and pastors that we trust in our lives, and given prayer and thoughtful steps before actions are taken. For example, when I chose to take my current job at Glenfair Church I sought out the Lord in prayer and reflection in the Scriptures, along with talking to mentors and close friends who know me well. It has been such a good step of faith to take because it has brought me to deeper dependence on God in order to prepare myself for the work of ministry. Without waiting on God for his direction and renewal I am just working by my own strength. We need to remember the strength we need is from God and that waiting serves as a part of the refueling and direction-following that will take us to deeper levels of our relationship with God and our ability to minister to others.

See my first blog on Rest in this series.

Here is a resource on St. Ignatius that will give a helpful understanding of practices such as the Examen.


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