Connecting Kid’s With God’s Story…Praises and Requests

Tonight at church we are going to be finishing our survey of the narratives in the book of Genesis with our kid’s group, as well as decorate some yummy Christmas cookies. It has been fun to watch kids get excited about God’s story and how he made us special so that we could love him and others with all that we are and do. In my experience of teaching this series there have been highs and lows.

For example, it was really exciting when our team leaders all performed a skit on Abraham sacrificing Isaac (Gen. 22). I also enjoyed using storytelling methods to get the kids to retell the story of Jacob’s dream (Gen.28) and then they told it to one another. When I see kids connect to God’s story because they have heard his truth and want to apply it to their own lives that is very encouraging.

Our next section of learning for Wednesday nights is going to focus on the teaching, life, and miracles of Jesus. I really hope that kids will see that Jesus was not only offering eternal life to them, but abundant life (Jn. 10:10) to hold on and live out the promises of God right now. My prayer for every lesson ultimately, is that they will be transformed and changed by the Gospel in their spiritual life and relationships with others.

Will you join in praying with me for God to change their hearts? Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Connecting Kid’s With God’s Story…Praises and Requests

  1. Thank you, Andrew, for what you do to teach these children. Many live in homes where hope and joy is in short supply. God bless your ministry; I am praying daily for you.

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