How to lose and still follow Jesus

Our culture is so addicted to winning in everything from eating contests to sports and politics. Even some Christian organizations say they want to “win” people to Christ. While I am very evangelistic in my own approach to others, I often wonder how far are we willing to go to “win” people? Will we go so far as to “lose” ourselves for the sake of the Gospel? How serious are we about taking up the cross and following Jesus?

I was reading “Creating A Missional Culture” by JR Woodward and I was challenged by this statement: “To check your leadership attitude, consider how you react when someone treats you as a servant. At that moment leaders discover whether our attitude is more in line with Christ or if we have fallen to a Christendom mindset, expecting to live in a state of privilege” (75).

As Christians we must understand how to lose well because there is no benefit to railroading others in spite of moral obligations to issues you find yourself at odds with. We should share biblical truth, but we should also be willing to allow others to reject it because we have to allow God to do his work in people’s lives. He calls us to be available and faithful to sharing his message in relationship to others. When we let go of control in ministry and let God work his grace and love in the lives of others to lead them to his truth by relationship and revelation (of his Word and Spirit) that is where anything we have done gets lost and lives are transformed and “won”- with no credit to ourselves.


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