Grieving Thankfully

Being thankful during grief is very difficult, as is feeling a lot of positive emotions, especially when people are dealing with a loss of a loved one. The holiday season, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas, can be very difficult for a new loss that is fresh because of the traditions, emotions, and loneliness that is experienced.

I have been reflecting on what I have to be thankful about, even in my own grief as I have had time since last Thanksgiving to process things that I learned and felt. I don’t know if I have space to share all of it here, but I have a few short thoughts I want to share.

1) I am thankful that Christ has experienced all of our own suffering, trials, and temptations and walks with us as we experience it (Heb. 4:15).

2) I am thankful for the family and friends who have walked through grief with me.

3) Thankfulness is a daily choice- a difficult choice- that requires surrendering the hurt and looking to God’s word for words of hope. Sometimes the only thankfulness we can give is already written down in the Bible. I know that is how I have felt on many days throughout my grief.

If you can’t feel or choose thankfulness at this point in your process don’t let it bring you despair. God will move you to your place of thankfulness and when he does don’t forget it. Write it down and remember it as a space for rejoicing in God’s truth- that he will bring healing (even if it takes a lifetime).


One thought on “Grieving Thankfully

  1. Andrew, your blogs have such a great amount of reflection for me. I know that we have spoken many times about what we have felt through the grieving process, but every blog that you write helps me to delve deeper into my own sadness and brings me closer to a place of healing. Though I will never forget those we have lost, I know that when I reflect upon my sadness that I can truly lean upon Christ to bring me to a place of genuine comfort. I am thankful everyday for the man that God is shaping you into, through everything you have gone through Christ’s love continues to shine through you!

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