The need for a season of thanksgiving

Let’s face it- Thanksgiving is the often forgotten holiday- other than all the time in preparing food the day or night before the official day. I have enjoyed reading friends and families short posts on why they are thankful because it takes me back to why we need a season for thanksgiving. By season I’m not saying that we need shelves full of items, greeting cards, and pumpkin spice latte’s to remind us that it’s fall again- and nearly Christmas. 

What I’m saying is that we should really take time to have a thankful heart before God and others so that we are celebrating the relationships and events that God has given us to recognize the extra special blessing we do have in this moment to enjoy the holy rhythm of preparing our hearts for the Advent season, where we look back at Christ’s birth and look forward to his return. 

In light of this conviction, I am going to be talking with the kids at Glenfair Church on what they are thankful for in the next few weeks. Specifically, I am going to be discussing this on Sunday during our time together by talking about how David worshipped God indignantly in the streets of Jerusalem at the return of the ark of the covenant (2 Sam. 6) and how we can use this time of thanksgiving to make a lot of noise with our family and friends about the things that we are thankful for. I also want to tie in the importance of thanking God for how he works in our lives. 

What are you thankful about? Feel free to comment…also go tell someone who knows you!


Let me know what you think!

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