There’s no time like the present to be thankful

So I’ve noticed a lot of people posting something they’re thankful for on a daily basis. I like it! I just have been very busy catching up on paperwork, sleep, and ministry that I have had barely any time to thoughtfully contribute to this conversation. So I’ll give you my first six things that I’m thankful for just to catch up (and hopefully I can post once a day).

1. My family

God has provided me with such a great family! I am so thankful for them because of how they have been there for me in my best and worst circumstances and have always prayed and cared for me in such overwhelmingly loving and practical ways. I can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving with them!

2. My friends

God has also blessed me with some awesome friends who have blessed me with their humor, mostly good listening skills, and empty stomachs for me to feed (at certain times). I think the people that I have been closest to, especially in the last year and a half have left a special mark in my life that I will always be grateful for.

3. Jesus

I guess that in any Christian’s post on what they are thankful for it might seem cliche to see someone write Jesus, but I am truly thankful for the sacrifice, grace, and comfort from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit in my heart. I would not find any purpose in life if it weren’t to become a more faithful Christ-follower.

4. My mentors

I am very thankful for the mentors that God has placed in my life from various places such as First Christian Church (Port Orchard, WA), Multnomah University and Seminary, and various pastors in the Portland area. Wisdom that they bring from life experience, and the support they have given to me in times of grief and uncertainty have brought peace in tumultuous moments.

5. People with disabilities

I work a second job working with adults with developmental disabilities. Let me tell you, I am so thankful for them because they have taught me what beautiful weakness and untainted love looks like. Working with these people has taught me more about pastoral care than any class or book ever could. I would not have some of the perspectives I do without my experience with this beautiful community of people.

6. Writing

I am very thankful that I can write here on this blog and at Shared Justice and even in my own journal. I never used to be great at writing, but lots of teachers and my parents have poured their wisdom and skill to help me find a voice and be creative. I think this has helped me grow closer to God and also investigate things that I wouldn’t have thought possible to!


Let me know what you think!

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