Paint, Pumpkins, and Matrimony

1379515_10202238819832362_607634830_nThe past few weeks have been fairly awesome! A group of kids and adults painted the Children’s ministry room at Glenfair Church, we carved pumpkins and had a Harvest party this last week, and then I got to be a groomsman and watch two of my friends get married yesterday. What a blast the last few weeks have been!

I have learned so much and been blessed by God and others in my community more than I could imagine! I have to remind myself to be surrendered to Christ on a daily basis with balancing ministry, my other job, school, and family and friends. I have also learned to view ministry more as a marathon- something that requires endurance for the long-haul- and not just a sprint, where a lot of speed is required and only maintained for short distances. It is a crazy busy season with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, but I am very excited to see how God will help me work it all out.

This next month I will be guest-speaking about prayer at Multnomah University, for one of my professor’s Theology Proper course. I am very excited for this presentation because I have learned a lot about prayer over the last year since I first gave the lecture. Please pray for me to have wisdom, humility, and confidence in my presentation of theological principles and God’s word. I wish that there was more time to write, but I will continue to do my best with updates. I have lots of papers due soon so maybe I will be able to use parts of those to share in upcoming blog posts. I hope you are all doing good!


My groomsmen outfit for my friend’s wedding!

Peace in Christ!


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