Smashing our God-checklist

A thought that I have been reflecting on is how sometimes it is easy to turn our spirituality into a legalistic matter and discount our relationship with God for a honey-do list such as reading the Bible, prayer, and going to church. Our life should reflect our theology. We shouldn’t just be interested in the subject of theology, but in the person and objective of our theology: a Trinitarian God who calls us to love him and others. I think that one thing that I have done is change the paradigm in how I relate my whole life to the person of Jesus Christ. God created us to be holistic in our thinking, doing, being, and loving about himself and others. So in my reflection I created a little image to give you a reference. I think that our lives are meant to be centered around Christ.

Jesus center.001

Besides our church and community, words, family and friends, finances, entertainment, spiritual life, health, and sexuality what other areas should our lives be centered around Christ that I might not have included? I hope that thinking about centering your life in Christ will release a new burst of freedom and grace into your life. Have a blessed weekend!


Let me know what you think!

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