Prayer requests for the rest of ministry in July

Hey friends, thanks for continuing to support me by reading the blog and praying for me. I’d like to kind of update you on what I’ve been doing over the last few weeks.

First, I have been making some money by working odd jobs, and as of last week I got a permanent placement working with people with disabilities until October at least. That will help me to be able to afford school and continue to use my money to do ministry with youth and young adults here in the Portland area. I am praising God for this opportunity to work and care for others. It is great to see how God is providing!

Second, I have been doing ministry- everything from helping lead Sunday School, getting kids involved in the summer reading program at Central Bible, attending youth events, and getting ready to go to Bithlo. The team I am going on with is leaving Saturday July 20th and will be serving the town of Bithlo, FL for ten days. Please pray for unity, safety, and effective ministry to the people in this town, alongside the organization we will be working with: United Global Outreach. I will also be posting a link to where you can check updates from our team, see pictures, and know what our prayer needs are.

Third, I went to the beach to hang out with my family. It was a refreshing time to spend with my parents and siblings. God really helped me to reenergize and relax a little bit. Please pray for their church as it is going through some tough transitions because of finances.

If you need any prayer please let me know. I am always wanting to keep people in prayer because I know that it is powerful and effective.


Let me know what you think!

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