12 thoughts on “6 Things Christians Should Say Better

    • What I am saying is to respectfully present our view with the Holy Spirit’s guidance to compassionately share the Gospel that God desires every person to come to a relationship with him, and that none should perish (1 Tim. 2:4). We need to speak through our worldview instead of around it, but it always should be framed by way of relationship, sacrificial love, and charity towards others.

      • You have dodged the question.

        If God has other ways of reaching people who do not have the great benefit of accepting Christianity, God appears less of a monster, and Christianity appears less monstrous.

        Do you think God has other ways? Or do you think all Muslims go to Hell, even if some of the nicer ones might get a not-terribly painful sort of limbo rather than the full Fiery Furnace?

      • I’m not going to limit God’s ability to bring others to faith in him through miracles, dreams, and other means but I do think that ultimately salvation is in and through Jesus Christ.
        It is important to remember that people are also stubborn and live in disbelief of the God who reaches down to show him to themselves by means of natural and special revelation.
        An article on my visit to the mosque I went to in Portland is coming up today around 10:15 if you are interested in my perspective on Muslims and Christians. I hope I answered your question.

      • Still, no. About 150,000 people die each day. Roughly a third are Christian. Are most of the rest damned? Given the prevalence of internet, TV and radio, probably few of them are have never heard that Christianity exists.

      • Thank you for that link. Not a particularly inclusive inclusivism. Okaaaay-

        150,000 deaths today, give or take. 33% Christians, a shocking number of children, many with diseases which could be cured by a tiny fraction of the US defence budget, for example; a number mentally incapable, especially in their last day, though fewer who have been mentally incapable for a year, and who failed to turn to Christ while mentally capable- and a few stone age tribesmen who have never heard of Jesus, though very very few of those.

        And the rest. Mentally capable, have heard of Jesus, have not accepted Jesus. What you wrote implied inescapably that most people who die are damned. I just am surprised you don’t want to say it straight out.

      • I don’t take the doctrine of Hell lightly. I am not going to say that I have the final say in someone’s eternity, but I will say that relationship with God is essential to eternal life. God is perfectly just and understands this beyond our own rational ability. I have to do my part in sharing Jesus because it is so crucial. Nobody is beyond redemption or God’s grace to surrender their hearts to him so I guess when we get to heaven we will see how it all works out and that is where I stand.

      • Quibble, quibble, quibble. You say “Christological claims to exclusivity for salvation” is an “essential doctrine”. That is, everyone else is going to Hell. 90,000 or thereby today alone.

        McSwain says Christians should stop saying “Jesus is the only way to heaven”. He doesn’t think the Buddhists are going to Hell, and nor do I. You say, we must say it better, which means long words, it seems: “Christological claims to exclusivity for salvation” is an “essential doctrine”, but you don’t want to admit the essential corollary that the Buddhists are going to Hell. What else can “exclusivity for salvation” possibly mean?

      • May I clarify what I mean by better?
        What I mean is that the sign-waving, bumper sticker, and ax-grinding statements in other’s faces must not be utilized or seen as appropriate ways to speak the truth.
        I can do nothing but speak the truth, but I must do it out of love because that is what Christ did for me- embodied truth in his loving actions- and paid for not only my sins, but for that of the whole world. The only thing needed to receive eternal life is belief in Jesus. You nor I can say who ends up where because God knows the heart of each person and will be just in judging humanity.

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