Relational Intelligence

In my Communication Skills for Ministry class we just watched a presentation called “Relational Intelligence” given by John Ortberg. We must leave a legacy of others who will be able to lead. In order to do this we must be attuned to others around us to the emotions that are shown by their body language, facial gestures, and voice tone. When we lead we must take responsibility for those that we are in ministry with in joys and failures.

According to Ortberg here is “The Leader’s Guide to Relational Rules of the Road”:

  • Please Listen (Which requires you to stop talking)
  • Involve Me (People want to be involved in decisions, processes, and action)
  • Some Assembly Required (Effective leaders detect problems, conflicts, and divisions)
  • Out Of Focus (When what needs to get done fails to get done)
  • Inspire Me (Motivate through truth to help people become the best they can)

Here is the link to this video:


Let me know what you think!

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