Book Review: Connecting Christ

I just finished reading “Connecting Christ: How to Discuss Jesus in a World of Diverse Paths” by Paul Louis Metzger for my world religions class that he is teaching and I will be taking in about a month.

 Connecting Christ introduces the Relational-Incarnational approach to apologetics when engaging with people from other religious backgrounds and beliefs. The engagement of diverse traditions section is a series of essays where Metzger discusses his own personal interaction, relationships, and disagreements with Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Unitarian Universalist, Mormon, Nietzschean Atheism, and Neo-Paganism as an Evangelical, Trinitarian Christian theologian.

What is unique is that Metzger includes responses from representatives of each of these religious traditions to each essay. I think that this is a really great way of modeling what the Relational-Incarnational Apologetic approach looks like. Lastly, Metzger admits that the way that Christians need to begin is with prayer because we are in a spiritual battle.

I would encourage you to get this book into your hands so that you can think about the ways that you can engage and listen to people of other faiths and hot topics in our culture with the truth and love of the gospel of Christ.

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