Pouring A Little Lemonade Together

Last night I went to the Faith and Culture Writer’s Connection and heard Don Jacobson, former publisher of Multnomah Press, and author of When God Makes Lemonade spoke about his experiences and ideas in his writing. I was inspired by his project to share other people’s stories instead of making up something or just talking about himself.

I was really glad to be able to hear about this story and his desire to show how God is working even in the midst of the hard reality of life. I am really looking forward to trying to get my hands on this book. What are some ways that God has worked in your life?

I think what I learned from listening last night was that,as youth workers we have to find time in our youth group or Sunday school sessions to allow students to share who God is making them and how he has worked in their lives. It is all about learning to “talk story” as a group in order to develop relationships and point each other to God’s work and praise him. I hope you feel free to share anything on this blog with me and if you need prayer let me know. You can send any requests, stories, or thoughts to reachingyouthblog@gmail.com at any time.

Have a great weekend!



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