Gearing up for Bithlo

So this last week I finished up my spring semester at Multnomah Biblical Seminary. I have made a few goals for doing ministry this summer:

1. Get students active in participating in the summer reading program through the local library

2. Take time to learn more about teaching, sermon prep, and read books on the topic

3. Spend time cleaning out the intern house

4. Help as much as possible for preparing for our youth mission trip to Bithlo, Florida.

Today we will be having a team meeting to discuss finances, the reading we have been doing in When Helping Hurts by Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett, and different aspects of our trip that we will be dealing with. Please pray for us that students will continue to grow as we learn together as a team and that we will continue to raise the remaining $7,000.00 that we need. If you would like to learn more about how you can help and give a tax-deductible donation click here.

We bought the plane tickets last week so we will be leaving on July 19th. I am so excited for this! I hope you are all having a great Sunday!


Let me know what you think!

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