Resources from my ministry project

This week I will be turning in my Ministry Project on the after-school ministry I have been leading at Central Bible Church. I want to devote a few of my posts to sharing the resources that I read for this project and some comments about how they helped me with my project.

  1. Haynes, Charles C. & Oliver Thomas. Finding Common Ground: A First Amendment Guide to Religion and Public Education.
  2. Hirsch, Barton J. Learning and Development in After-School Programs. Kappan Magazine Vol. 92 No.5. February 2011. 66-69.
  3. Jensen, Eric. Teaching With Poverty in Mind: what being poor does to kids’ brains and what schools can do about it.
  4. Jones, Steven P. & Eric C. Sheffield. Eds. The Role of Religion in 21st-century Public Schools.
  5. Kugler, Marianne Russel. The Why and How of After-School Programs. The Education Digest.
  6. Powell, Kara E. & Chap Clark. Sticky Faith: everyday ideas to build last faith in your kids.

Each of these resources was very helpful in framing the project with different references and points of understanding for a broader engagement of the issue of education. I hope to keep finding resources that will improve my knowledge and application in educational reform and helping students through being active in youth ministry and community partnership with schools.

What are resources you know of or have used?

Let me know what you think!

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