I Was A Stranger Movement

In about three weeks (April 27th) there will be an Immigration Reform conference here at Multnomah University that is hosted by New Wine, New Wineskins. Because I’m committed to the Scriptures and want to have a more biblical view of immigration I will be using a list of passages put out by the Evangelical Immigration Table. The way to get a brief update everyday on Twitter through New Wine, New Wineskins is to go to their account or check out #IWasAStranger or #nwimmigration for a more broad discussion of the immigration issue. They are already into it a few weeks, but I will be going day-to-day the best that I can in order to bring you up to speed and get conversations and questions from you for more blog posts on this issue.

Here are two posts where I have already began addressing immigration:

Hating Emma Lazarus Part 1

Hating Emma Lazarus Part 2

Let me know what you think!

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