Support missions!

I am really excited that summer is coming for a few reasons- a little bit of break from school, a little more time to make a few extra bucks, getting to hang out with youth group kids, and all the different mission trips that happen over the summer. I am really passionate about students going on trips to another city, state, or even another country to serve and share the Gospel.

I have a friend, Nick, from First Christian Church in Port Orchard, WA that is going to serve with Amor Ministries in Mexico. Nick is a really cool guy and I am very excited about his opportunity to spend a whole summer working with youth groups and other teams of Christians to help build homes and share the Gospel with people. It would be really awesome if you could help him out with his funds by clicking here to learn more about his mission trip opportunity.

If you have a trip that you’re going on and need some prayer support or even financial support and you want me to share it on my blog I am more than willing to as long as you’re clear on what you’re doing and how you’re raising the money.

In regards to the mission trip to Bithlo, Florida that I am going on please check out the article I wrote and consider supporting the team I am going with as well.


Let me know what you think!

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