Knowing and Belonging

A few nights ago I was doing some thinking about how having a smart phone lets me connect instantly with people. I am an extrovert and I get my energy from being with others. With being able to post thoughts, share pictures, and see what’s going on I can feel connected. Being connected with others helps me to fulfill my deepest desires-to belong and be known- but I also realized how often I neglect having deeper friendships with the people right in front of me because I’m afraid of rejection or other unpleasant feelings when I could rely on technology to get me close to people.

It made me wonder- how many of the students I am with do this even more than me? I want to challenge you, as I challenge myself, to rely less on social media or internet communication to express my feelings and fulfill my desires to belong and be known by people. We need physical, face-t0-face communication, and even physical touch (hugs, hi-fives, side hugs, and etc.) because it’s a part of our holistic well-being. We can only challenge others to follow us once we act on this realization.


Let me know what you think!

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