Human sexuality and relationships

Part of my original doctrinal statement included this section because I was concerned about the question of gender, rights of women, and sexual activity that God deems worthy of the life of believers in Scripture. I am in support of a husband being the spiritual leader, economic and physical provider of their family, because I think that is modeled very clearly and consistently in the Bible. On the flip side, I don’t think women are incapable or biblically mandated to not have means of income and spiritual influence in their family. Here is my original statement on this issue:

Women and men are created equally, gender transcends personality entirely, and does not relate in anyway to personal likes or dislikes. Neither men nor women are to be treated subservient to the other in society, marriage, or any other arena ( 1 Cor. 7; Eph 5:21-33).

I believe sexuality is more profound than just sexual organs. Sexuality is at the core of who a person is and sexual organs are just a physical manifestation of that reality. God created sex in the beginning to bless humanity. Sex is God-honoring when practiced in a mutually consensual marriage relationship between a man and a woman.

God created mankind for active communion with Him through living a morally perfect life free of moral and physical decay. Part of being made in the image of God means that man has the ability to make moral decisions. The earth and everything in it was created for mankind to protect and care for the earth (Gen 1:26).


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