Biblical infallibility

In my doctrinal statement I thought that it would be good to address some issues that people have with the Bible. First, is biblical authority. Some argue that not everything in the Bible is true or accurate. Many people try to do this from a scientific standpoint in the areas of creation and other natural phenomena recorded in the Bible. In my mind I cannot hold the biblical authors, under inspiration from the Holy Spirit, at the same level of understanding as 21st-century scientists because that was not the intent of what they recorded.

Some would also argue that Scripture contains portions of untruth, such as when a person lies. Here are my thoughts on these issues that fall under the category of biblical infallibility:

The scriptures are infallible in that the message it communicates cannot be incorrect or a lie (John 10:35). Even when the Bible records lies, such as in Satan’s tempting of Eve (Genesis 3), it is fully truthful in the event which was recorded.


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