I dreamed a dream

I love this song from Les Miserables!

Have you been disappointed by the loss of a dream? Maybe that dream was a ministry, a job, a relationship, a person?

This is something that I will be discussing with a youth group this week.

In my own life I have felt let down at various times and disappointed by unexpected change.

Credit: Daniel Lemay

Credit: Daniel Lemay

Though, nothing has hit me more cruelly than the loss of my wife Jennica last April. Today would be our 2 year wedding anniversary. In some ways there are still days that I am severely disappointed and lonely. I often wonder why God allowed her to unknowingly suffer from brain cancer and that we didn’t know about it until 3 hours before she went to be with Jesus. Although, I am often reminded through looking at pictures, reading love notes, and talking with others how blessed I was to know and love her. That God blessed us with one year of marriage.

I now have a much more eternal mindset about life and the choices I make. I’m nowhere near perfect, but I do desire God more and I try to do my best to share Jesus with people in any way that I can. I know that even though I may not understand God’s plan right now or ever, that he has proven to me through countless examples that he is faithful and trustworthy. I will share more later, but until then- thanks for reading, sharing, and being a part of my processing as I continue to write my blog!


Let me know what you think!

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