Nehemiah 10: Repentance & Promises

In Nehemiah 10 the people share their willingness to repent- which literally means to turn back. They made promises not to go back on their sins. 10:30-31 highlights these two points:

“We promise not to give our daughters in marriage to the peoples around us or take their daughters for our sons. When the neighboring peoples bring merchandise or grain to sell on the Sabbath, we will not buy from them on the Sabbath or on any holy day. Every seventh year we will forgo working the land and will cancel all debts.

Unfortunately we know that Israel went back on these promises eventually and were conquered by the Greeks and Romans. They were subjected to oppression for breaking the covenant that God had called them to.


God, show me where I am not confessing sin and help me to repent and turn back. Help me to keep the promises and live by your promises. Thank you for the Holy Spirit that works to convict me of sin and share your truth with others. I ask for your help and wisdom in this. In Jesus name, Amen.

Chapter 9


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