Just Spirituality: Mother Teresa

In each chapter of Just Spirituality by Mae Elise Cannon she reviews a person’s life, especially the spiritual disciplines, of those who has been involved in social justice as an advocate, pastor, friend, and spiritual leader. This first chapter is about Mother Teresa but other chapters are about people like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther King Jr., and Desmond Tutu. Each week that I review a chapter of this book I want to be dedicated to taking up that discipline for a specified period of time in order to find something that will be a discipline that I could make a more serious habit out of.

Both humility and prayer grow from an ear, mind, and tongue that have lived in silence with God- Mother Teresa (23)

Through reading this first chapter I learned that one of the spiritual disciplines that Mother Teresa engaged in on a regular basis was the practice of silencing oneself and centering on the person and work of Christ in her life. By doing this, the overflow of her devotional life helped sustain her with the energy to serve the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, India. Cannon states, “Her gift of love, nurtured in the discipline of silence, brought light and dignity to people who suffered in darkness” (26).

One of my goals over this next week is to take time to be silent before God and to cast my cares on to him and listen for him through his word and the burdens he has rested on my heart for knowing him more deeply and sharing his love with others. I hope to share parts of these experiences with you for encouragement and ideas of how to best practice silence before God.


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