New concept: Play-by-Play

So this week I want to introduce a new concept to the blog called “Play-by-Play” which is an active review of a few books I am currently in the process of reading over a longer period of time (which means that I won’t do this for books I’m reading for school). I will do a few chapters at a time in order to keep the process of reading those books on your mind (maybe you’d like to join me as well).

The first two books that I will be doing this with are Just Spirituality by Mae Elise Cannon and When Helping Hurts by Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett. Next I will explain to you why I’m reading these books.


First, I bought Just Spirituality at The Justice Conference and wanted to read it in order to develop more spiritual disciplines and to help in my own spiritual growth. I have realized over the last two years how vital spiritual formation and transformation is to our relationship with God. The people, pastors, activists, and artists’ spiritual lives (and work) discussed in this book provide concrete examples of what I can do as I continue to grow as a Christian.



Second, I am going on a mission trip to Bithlo, Florida this summer with the youth group from Central Bible Church and When Helping Hurts is our assigned reading as a group. Yesterday I skimmed a few chapters before meeting with a few guys I’m discipling that are going on the trip.

I think that it will help us understand what alleviating poverty really     means and how we ourselves experience some form of spiritual, relational, or financial poverty in our own lives.

If you happen to be reading those books or have read them let me know what you think about them!

Let me know what you think!

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