Goat videos and other developments

So last night I watched my first series of goat videos which included Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus songs. Random right? Which leads me to the purpose of this post: I am taking the next few days off from blogging (Nehemiah will pick up on Monday) so that I can focus on spending some time with my housemates, cleaning my room, reading Just Spirituality by Mae Cannon, and working on some homework. The last few weekends have been very busy…so naturally I need to take a Sabbath to be reenergized by spending time with the Lord and those closest to me.

Also you all were part of making the blog go over 9,000 views total since it started as of yesterday! It goes without saying though- you are all welcome to keep looking at my blog, post comments, and put your stamp of approval with “likes” (I love getting those)! I will look forward to looking at them all on Sunday night when I put my next post for Nehemiah back on for Monday!

Peace in Christ!


A few posts I want to highlight:

Moving into a busy month

Book Review: Pursuing Justice by Ken Wytsma

Review of the Bully Movie

A community care partnership model of youth ministry


Let me know what you think!

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