Nehemiah 3: Builders of the wall

Nehemiah 3 shares in detail the people involved in rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls. The people’s individual tasks were very important to the collective whole finishing the project.

In ministry we need people to be empowered to use their natural and spiritual gifts to mobilize and encourage others. I hope that I can be a good leader like Nehemiah and help people access places to use their skills to serve God and love others.


Lord, network me with the right people and show other believers that they have skills to contribute to the good of the community around them. Thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit to empower us to move outside the walls of our church to rebuild relationships and give hope to those around us.

Thank you for the gifts and passions that you have given me in order to serve others. Please help me do my best to serve you. I want to use my life to honor you and give you glory! In Jesus name, Amen.

Chapter 2


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