Moving into a busy month

So the last few weeks have proven to be quite busy between winter camps and going to The Justice Conference, and mission trip planning. I’ve got some midterms coming up and I’m going to keep on working on reading for my independent study in seminary. I just got an A in my Youth Ministry Methods class from January term- it was fun to get a good grade for my hard work. God is doing a lot  of growing prayer, patience, and persistence in my life lately.

I’ve been reflecting on The Justice Conference over the last week or so through reading the Bible in Nehemiah and Psalms. Very good words and prayers given up in that time. I am also reading “Pursuing Justice” by Ken Wytsma (which I will write a review on when I get done), and going to begin “Just Spirituality” by Mae Cannon after that.

Yesterday I just wrote my letter for the mission trip I will be going on this summer. You can read more about it here on my blog. If you would like me to send you a support letter please email me at and I would be more than willing to email or snail mail you a letter. You can also send a check to Central Bible Church RE: Bithlo Mission Trip to 8815 NE Glisan ST Portland, OR 97220 with my name “ANDREW KRUSE” written in the memo line. Our team has to raise about $950 each so please pray that would go well through support letters and fundraisers. We are also reading Brian Fikkert’s book “When Helping Hurts” in order to try to understand what poverty looks like with a more holistic view- our contribution to it, and our own poverty (relational, spiritual, economic, etc.).

I’m also working on the middle school after-school program we do on Friday afternoons. Please pray for our leadership team to be able to advertise well and get more kids to come. We are going to have a movie night at our church to raise awareness of the impact a church can have on the school in our neighborhood.

Lastly, spring break is coming up. So I will finally get a break (maybe)…I can’t wait to share more with you when I get the time to blog this month!- Andrew


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