Some Post-Conference, Mid-Air Thoughts

As I was traveling home yesterday I wanted to think about the impacts that The Justice Conference had on me as I continue to do my own work in an after-school program at my church, and am still thinking of creative ways to be holistic in my approach to social justice.

As I was traveling to the Philadelphia airport I paid attention to some of the road infrastructures like bridges and overpasses. I realized that since I’ve moved to Portland, OR (Bridgetown) I’ve come to have a real fascination with bridges- their design, purpose, and accessability to other geographical locations. Then I put my theological thinking cap on and realized how in working toward justice it is important to share how Jesus Christ is our bridge to hope. I got a few chances to do that as I was traveling.

I also started reading Ken Wytsma’s book, “Pursuing Justice: The Call To Live and Die For Bigger Things”, and I got halfway through the book! I would highly recommend it because it provides his story, some theological reflection about the importance of justice to the gospel and God’s heart, and it highlights some current issues in our world today.

Lastly, I wanted to try and think about how I can apply justice awareness in my particular social and ministry context. It might be to early to say for sure, but I think that I want to have a movie night once a month and invite people over to show documentaries and films about social justice issues. Who knows what could come out of that?

If you have any ideas or thoughts that you want to share about how you’re engaging and applying awareness, action, or advocacy please feel free to leave a comment. Or if you have any questions, I’d love to talk with you!

That said, I am really wiped out (and a little behind on schoolwork)…so I will be taking a break from Twitter and blogging. Anything you see from now until Wednesday/Thursday has been pre-scheduled. I can’t wait to see your responses!


Let me know what you think!

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