Cyberbullying: a lethal message

Cyberbullying is one of the newest forms of bullying. It is defined as, “bullying through email, instant messaging, in a chat room, on a Web site, or through digital messages or images sent to a cellular phone or personal digital assistant (PDA).”

One of the most recent examples that I can think of is Amanda Todd who committed suicide because of the intensity of the online harassment she received after a photograph of her flashing a web camera was circulated via Facebook. Short of a month from her suicide she posted a video on YouTube giving details of her story. In it she told the world “she tried to kill herself by drinking bleach and overdosing on anti-depressants after the torment continued on Facebook despite her changing schools and cities again.”

It is very scary to see that even though social networking and technology can bring us together in very unique ways, it can also be used to tear people apart so dangerously.

Resources used:

Limber, Susan P., Robin M. Kowalski, and Patricia W. Agatson. “Cyber Bullying: A prevention curriculum for grades 3-5.” Hazelden. Center City, MN. 11.

Lau, Andree. “Amanda Todd: Bullied teen commits suicide.” Huffington Post.  Accessed 2/9/13.


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