In honor of Richard Twiss

In case you didn’t know yesterday Native American Christian leader, Richard Twiss passed away. He had a heart attack a few days ago and went to be with the Lord. Please lift up his family and loved ones in prayer. Check out Wiconi International, the organization he developed in order to contextualize the gospel, and help educate and connect people with the Native American way of life. Having heard him speak multiple times I just wanted to share a few thoughts about how he impacted me.

First, in all of the times that I heard Richard Twiss speak at events like Mission Connexion, The Portland Youth Foundation luncheon, and The Justice Conference, I always sensed God’s love flowing out of him. The way he was passionate about sharing the love of Christ with people was very impacting. It made me want to share the gospel even more.

Second, his honesty and concern about how Native American voices are not being heard in evangelical Christian circles was very clear. It has made me try to be more aware of cultural differences and the way those impact how we connect with God. I hope that in the future I will be able to make more connections with people whose cultural background help me to see different ways the worship and proclamation of our great and glorious God can be carried out.

Last, I am hopeful that his legacy will not be forgotten among leaders who want to see better relationships and ministry partnering between Native American’s and other ethnic groups. I believe that the heartbeat of God is to unite all cultures of peoples under his son Jesus Christ, to serve to make him known by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Here is a video that shares his hope for the American Church

Let me know what you think!

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