5 thoughts on “Hating Emma Lazarus Part 1

  1. Thanks for these great thoughts! We’re excited to begin this dialogue in the New Wine community and appreciate you prompting us forward. Emma Lazarus’ dream really is a far cry from our current reality. I love that Heb. 11 reference – that we’re all foreigners looking towards the heavenly city feels profoundly relevant to our engagement of immigration issues. – bdhg.

    • Thanks for your comment. I am excited to continue engaging this issue especially in light of going to The Justice Conference in Philadelphia and then the New Wine conference in April. I am hoping to continue the discussion coming from different points and reviewing some articles and videos on this issue. – Andrew @reachingyouth

  2. I think that the ones who are here to become citizens should be given a chance, the ones that cause trouble and continue to speak in Spanish, disgrace our flag, and are here for just the freebies, should be escorted out for good.

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