Reading the Bible- weekly Bible post 2

So this last week I continued my Bible reading plan. Some themes that I noticed throughout my week were the importance of trusting God, seeking his kingdom and righteousness, and the importance of resting in God.

I love reading through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. The ethics, relational attitude, and kingdom mindset that are presented are foundational for our Christian life. Realizing that being “blessed” by God comes through qualities such as poorness of spirit, meekness, purity, and being persecuted for the Good News is a good reminder for me and our culture of consumer and prosperity-Gospel Christianity. I think that through these two weeks of reading my Bible I have come to really pray a lot that God would lead me by the Holy Spirit into the role in his kingdom that he wants me to be in, and to live a more righteous and just life.

Psalm 11:7 really stuck out to me:

For the LORD is righteous,

he loves justice;

upright men will see his face.

I hope you will join me or continue to join me as I read the Bible through this whole year.

Here’s this week’s reading:

Jan. 13: Gen. 25-26; Ps. 13; Matt. 13

Jan. 14: Gen. 27-28; Ps. 14; Matt. 14

Jan. 15: Gen. 29-30; Ps. 15; Matt. 15

Jan. 16.: Gen. 31-32; Ps. 16. Matt. 16

Jan. 17: Gen. 33-34; Ps. 17; Matt. 17

Jan. 18: Gen. 35-36; Ps. 18; Matt. 18

Jan. 19: Gen. 37-38; Ps. 19; Matt. 19


2 thoughts on “Reading the Bible- weekly Bible post 2

  1. Surprisingly to me, I’ve actually found myself with an increasing interest in the Old Testament. Maybe it’s because it’s always seemed so separate from the New Testament, or because so many people regard it as irrelevant. But it’s really rich! It’s redemptive history! It’s the story of God’s plan to save people and how exactly he did it despite, and because of, human failure, which displays his sovereignty clearly. It’s beautiful.

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