Theology and worship

Today I had a conversation with a fellow classmate that works in youth ministry and we were discussing the implications of our worship songs that are done in church and how the message in them are powerful and can effect our theology. This is important to think about because then we can teach and challenge our worship leaders in youth group to develop full and good theology that will help them lead people into a fuller understanding of God through worship songs that we sing together.

I would suggest to develop a system to evaluate worship songs. Ask questions like:

“Is this song portraying God correctly?” -Trinitarian, attributes of God, etc.

“What is the view of humanity according to this song?” – Is the song recognizing what we do for God or what God does for us…worship should be focused primarily on God…keep the focus on him.

Let us not become consumers of trendy worship music and have a consumer mentality when it comes to worshipping together. Lets develop discussion and principles together to help us to have a fuller view of God and a theology that will make correct biblical applications.


2 thoughts on “Theology and worship

  1. I believe Martin Luther once said that the Word of God was the most important thing for the church, and second was music. He knew it was a great avenue to teach people.

    Thanks for posting this. Music in the church is something I think about a lot, and I agree with everything you said here.

    • I didn’t put this in my blog, but on an interesting note, I have participated in services at a synagogue and the Hebrew language has a distinct rhythm that, I’m sure if you had knowledge of the language, would be helpful for using to memorize in an oral culture. It is quite amazing how our God chooses to use our human languages to express who he is even though it may not be fully comprehensible. That is why our God is so mysterious, beautiful, and wonderful.

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