Falling back with Jesus

So last night I’m sure you all appreciated that one extra hour of sleep…if you remembered to     do daylight savings. I had a full day of relaxing yesterday, but last night I went on a walk before I went to bed. I walked all over Multnomah’s campus and sat down at a bench under a couple of trees. A lot of the leaves had fallen off and were sprinkled all over the ground. I was thinking that the seasons of our lives are varying, but that in all no matter how we are feeling that Jesus is right there with us. It is hard to always feel God, but we can trust in his word that he will always be with us and because of his great love he is working out his purposes in our lives so that we will be able to glorify him. I often forget this and I constantly need to fall back in love with Jesus.

I hope that this winter we can all grow together and learn to trust and continue to see God’s work and love in our lives, even if it is just the small things. I would encourage you to do this by keeping a mental list or even a paper list of small and big things that you see God doing. Being able to be thankful and seeing God’s work even in the mundane is helpful to keep our eyes on Jesus and be reminded of his love. For example, the other weekend I was planning on going to a youth event later than the van that left the church. I was already late and my phone died and so I had no way to look at a map or call anyone. In my weakness I got frustrated, but then I just said, “God if you want me to go to this youth event, show me how to get there.” Less than 2 minutes later I spotted the church van and was able to spend time investing in students lives by shooting airsoft bee-bees at them…haha! In life where there is a lot of disappointment, the tactic of seeing the places God is working can help us to connect daily and share with others God’s love. Let us do this in order to fall in love with Jesus more and share his love with others!


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