Halloween: Yes or No?

I just had a discussion on Facebook regarding whether Christians should participate in Halloween. There are many arguments and verses to quote in support of not doing anything, even putting on a “Harvest festival.” Although, I also believe that there are also good reasons to constructively engage people during the festivities of candy and laughter because most people aren’t into Halloween for satanic celebrations.

It is an opportunity to share the Gospel with others- at your home or church. Passing out candy or having fun games can put you in the spot to share where your joy comes from. Our joy is from Christ, not the candy or treats.

For those of you who choose to say that Halloween is an evil day we shouldn’t give any recognition to, here is something to consider: we can be a light to the world on any given day of the year because we have Jesus. Participating in evil is what makes Halloween evil. Providing a safe alternative away from scary things is actually really nice so that we can influence people positively and give them a smile in Jesus name there is nothing evil in that.

Here is a good article that I ran across by professor John Mark Reynolds:





One thought on “Halloween: Yes or No?

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