3 thoughts on “Church & State Conference Review

  1. “If we don’t have this confidence, then we have already lost and become dependent on an earthly authority when we should be bold to proclaim our reason for faith under any and every circumstance and season.”

    great thoughts man, im wishing i went to the forum now. I really enjoyed your closing marks, and agree that the gospel will be preached and shared with all regardless of the outcome of this election. I love your optimistic approach to the “political system” and how you believe it needs to be radically reconstructed from the ground up. Keep up the good work brother!

    • A lot of different leaders made it worthwhile and meaningful. To be honest I haven’t felt very optimistic lately but yesterday reminded me that apathy destroys our ability to witness to those around us. On the other hand, hope in Christ and the acceptance and realization of his Truth does bring lasting change. This will come by the church coming together to realize our power is in our weakness and abilities to love the marginalized and be a voice with them instead of for them. A relational policy of political action is the best policy.

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