Some thoughts before Easter

So tonight as I was looking for a notebook I found a short letter in an essay format that I had written. I want to post it because it has some relevance for the Easter season. Here it goes:

Origins, mysteries, truth, the search for meaning; all lie in the tension of belief and knowledge, theory and experience, certainty and hope. Often it is hard to believe what we know but at times it is even harder to know what we believe. Theory precedes experience, but often experience shows the frailty and inadequacy of theories. I think humans certainly hope for things but I’m not sure we often hope with certainty.
The human experience is both evolutionary and revolutionary. Modern technology is the driving force of both of these. Do we have man-made machines or are machines beginning to make us? Yes, the more innovative we are, the more dependent. I wonder if inventors of the past are to blame or congratulate.
I think studying philosophies and theology has taken more joy out of my life than anything I could quite experience. Is this a normal reaction? Solitude is my fortress of sadness and complacency my absolute fear. I want to stop thinking without feeling. I want my acute sense of pain to set me into knowing the true fruits of the Spirit.
Theist, atheist, agnostic: all believe in something. God is one; there is no God; is there a God? All testify to the power of choice and answer of human purpose.
Jesus, everyone likes him but everyone is casting him a different role: fool, Messiah, lunatic, Lord, liar, lover. What will you do with him? Nail him to the cross or run into His embrace?
Often I wonder where I will go in life but I have confidence that trusting God and following Him closely will lead me to fulfillment with His purpose in mind. My prayer is for guidance and strength and courage to pursue what my calling is.

This might appear to be nothing more than a rambling of different topics, but its true message is that I want to experience the power of God in my life to move what I have learned about theology into action that proclaim Christ crucified. I want to urge you to really ask yourself who you cast Jesus as. Last night I watched The Passion of the Christ at church and it really made me appreciate how Jesus took on my sin and suffered in my place. I pray that God would capture your heart with the message of his love through Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection this Easter season!

Let me know what you think!

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